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Wk2- Artist Conversation- Andrew Hansen

Exhibition Information

Artist: Andrew Hansen
Exhibition: Why Not?
Media: Oil Painting
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: None
Instagram: albabroski

About the Artist

Andrew Hansen is a very mellow and talented artist who was born and raised in San Diego. He is an Undergraduate student in the School of Art’s of Drawing & Painting Program that commutes to CSULB each week all the way from San Diego, it is his third year and will hopefully be graduating next spring. His interest include oil paintings and sculptures even though he prefers sculptures and has a current project going on being made out of recyclables he finds randomly. His work is mainly figurative because he claims a lot of his work is about realism.

The art piece I was able to see that Andrew created was called Why Not? He didn’t have an exact title for it so he made one up randomly. The painting was of a bar scene from his perspective because he is a bouncer for a bar in down town San Diego. The people in the painting were all people he knew, good friends and relatives




Art 110: Week 2- Classmate DiscussionĀ 

Do this week I got to discuss a bit with my classmate RJ but that’s his nickname that he likes to be called, his actual name is Rei Cayabyan I believe that’s how you spell it šŸ˜…. Anywho, I’m going to be honest I forgot to write down the main question we started the discussion about but I did write down what he said. The question had to do something with an outlet of creativity I believe and he pointed out how our professor Glenn Zucman (Really cool dude) style of dressing was a unique outlet of creativity. And it was so true! Because when I first saw my professor I was like wow this dude is really cool! Like it blew my mind to have a professor that could come in with high top sneakers and a cool a** shirt and just be liberated to be so unique. Our conversation got cut short because we didn’t have a whole lot of time to talk but overall it was a very interesting conversation.

Art 110: Week 2- Landscape with a corpseĀ 

This week’s art assignment was very interesting to me. I never thought I would have a professor ask me to portray how I would die and actually portray it in a photograph. This one actually took me a while to do because I thought of a million way I pictured my life ending, and it was a bit difficult to pic a solid one I could take a photo of. Then I thought of my life and struggles that I have overcome and still overcoming and I have had and am having a serious battle with depression and severe anxiety and it’s not that I want anyone feeling bad for me or even think that something is wrong with me but I’ve thought of taking my own life a couple time in my lifetime. And it crossed my head every once in a while but deep down inside I know I would never have the guts to do it. But if my death were to come near I’m pretty sure it would be because I decided to take it. Not that I ever will do this to myself but this project really hit me inside. And it made me think to actually appreciate ourselves more because it’s hard to look at pictures of yourself in being in positions like these where they could bring the people around you so much pain. It’s only week 2 but this class by far the coolest and my favorite class so far in my 2 years of being at Cal State Long Beach. šŸ˜Š

Plaster CastingĀ 

SOOOOOOO this is incredibly embarrassing and honestly this is what I get for being childish. But the day after class my best friend and I went to go to my plaster casting for my Art 110 class and I think I put a little too much water in my plaster because all my molds broke when we tried to dig them out šŸ˜¦ but I was messing around and was like I’m going to make a dildo one! Totally messing around and it was the old one that survived (-: HAHHAHAHAHAH big fail! But this was really fun, just terribly sad that I didn’t a decent arm or leg but I tried I swear!

Classmate DiscussionĀ 

So for my first day of class for Art 110 I talked to Allie. She seemed really cool and told me how she wanted to be a graphic designer. We talked about the class question of “Where do you draw the line on what is art?” And she said she didn’t think there is a line in what art is because literally ANYTHING can be art it just depends on your perspective and I couldn’t agree more. I have a feeling that she’s gonna be my art buddy from now on  out (:

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