Exhibition Information
Artist: Blain Scot Prows

Exhibition: EXTRUSIONS

Media: Construction paper and geometrical shapes

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery

Instagram: @tiffits

About the Artist

Blain Scot Prow is a undergraduate senior in the School of Arts Graphic Design program. He is a full time student with many interest aside from the studio art, his likes include photography and occasionally plays music. Knowing how to play the bass and the guitar he overall wishes he knew how to play the drums more than anything. He was a very mellow person and I could instantly tell he was a very open minded individual. Blain wishes to go on and work as a graphic designer directly for a company if he could as soon as he graduates next semester.

Formal Analysis

Blain’s work was different and fascinating considering the point of view he used to display his work. It was very contrast because everything in the room was mainly white with hints of black in the actual art work. There were different geometrical frames on the wall all giving a different feel of dimension when you would look at each one individually. The lighting was focused differently on each one to focus on different areas. It was a pleasing show to look at.

Content Analysis

His show began with his love for geometry since he was a kid, he always had a fascination with drawing 3 dimensional cubes on anything he could. He wanted his work to mainly focus on the actual shapes, to inspire others to see things differently and show that everything is related. His main overall concept was to merge the gap between 2/3 dimensions into one place. Color was not added to the art work so it could focus on the dimension of the shapes to not take from it’s true meaning

Synthesis/ My Experience

Blain Scot Pow’s concept to his work was a good one and I didn’t realize how much of an impact so small as piece merging out of the same page could have on your mind. Even though we all saw the same thing many had a different perspective of what it meant or how we actually saw the image. He did a great job in bring different dimensions into one room because it all stood out like one big pop up book. He didn’t have a true purpose to the meaning of his work but did it more so because he just like messing around making the geometrical shapes. I liked it even though it was very simple, but it’s impact was massive.