This week’s activity was a very interesting one that’s fersure. I thought it was a bit childish at first but my friend and I ended up having a lot of fun with it! It made my inner kid come out a bit and it was overall pretty cool. When I asked my best friend to help me with my art project she was like we have to do what? And I laughed and said I know but common it can’t be too bad! So we sad facing each other touching knee to knee and did the automatic drawing. She had extra pastel colors so we mixed a lot of the colors in. We did 2 passes and it was interesting because the first pass was so relaxing and calm and I actually felt really relaxed. But on the second pass my friend got really aggressive and it felt kind of angry which was odd to me. But in the end our project came our pretty cool but I thought it was crazy how it could look like so many different things depending on the person. Too me it looked like a human brain and to mr friend it looks like a cat laying down and to others a butterfly. The possibilities are endless (: