This week’s art assignment was very interesting to me. I never thought I would have a professor ask me to portray how I would die and actually portray it in a photograph. This one actually took me a while to do because I thought of a million way I pictured my life ending, and it was a bit difficult to pic a solid one I could take a photo of. Then I thought of my life and struggles that I have overcome and still overcoming and I have had and am having a serious battle with depression and severe anxiety and it’s not that I want anyone feeling bad for me or even think that something is wrong with me but I’ve thought of taking my own life a couple time in my lifetime. And it crossed my head every once in a while but deep down inside I know I would never have the guts to do it. But if my death were to come near I’m pretty sure it would be because I decided to take it. Not that I ever will do this to myself but this project really hit me inside. And it made me think to actually appreciate ourselves more because it’s hard to look at pictures of yourself in being in positions like these where they could bring the people around you so much pain. It’s only week 2 but this class by far the coolest and my favorite class so far in my 2 years of being at Cal State Long Beach. 😊